Abigail Raef – Chapter President

Ascension Academy
Amarillo, Texas

Major: Classics, Pre-Med

Why Alpha Chi?

Alpha Chi will always hold such a special place in my heart. Not just because of the formals and all the fun, but because I have found a sisterhood that exemplifies real strong women who are diverse and help make our chapter so unique. Alpha Chi has helped me grow morally, academically, and personally. The girls are authentic, and I know this is a place I can always count on even on my worst days and especially on my best. This sisterhood has brought out so much love and service for others and has truly encouraged me to always strive to be the best I can be. Alpha Chi has taught me so many things that I will take with me for a lifetime. It has brought me sisters that will remain my best friends for a lifetime. I know no matter where I go after college, I will always be so proud to have been an Alpha Chi.

Cameron Prescott – VP Chapter Relations and Standards

Claudia Taylor Johnson High School
San Antonio, Texas

Major: Apparel Design and Manufacturing 

Why Alpha Chi?

I went Alpha Chi because of the philanthropy and sisterhood. Finding out that domestic violence awareness was alpha chi’s philanthropy made me want to be there just to help, in some way, put an end to a national epidemic. As for sisterhood, every day I came into the house for recruitment I felt so comfortable with the girls and I never had to fake anything. These are the most genuine and kind-hearted girls that I would do anything for.

Miranda Schneider – VP Recruitment

Klein Oak High School
Spring, Texas

Major: Pre-Nursing

Why Alpha Chi?

I chose to be an Alpha Chi because I love our philanthropy whole heartedly; domestic violence awareness is such an important cause. Alpha Chi really stood out to me during recruitment because Alpha Chi does hands on work within the Lubbock community. As an Alpha Chi we embody our saying, Real Strong Women, in every aspect of life. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else, I really did find my home away from home! 


Aranxa Roman – VP Philanthropy 

Cedar Park High School
Austin, Texas

Major: Human Sciences – Pre-Speech Language Hearing Sciences

Why Alpha Chi?

During recruitment, it was so hard deciding where I felt the most at home but Alpha Chi Omega was the one house I kept at the top of my list all week. There was something different that stood out to me and it was their heart to serve. When I met my big, Haley White, on sisterhood day I was sold, she was leading a mission trip to Haiti with the girls in Alpha Chi. I was so mind blown that a chapter was so dedicated to making a change in different parts of the world. Alpha Chi Omega has brought me my best friends and has amplified my own passion to serve the community, with a humbling heart. I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing group of women. We all push each other to be better versions of ourselves, I did not just gain my best friend through this chapter, I gained genuine sisters. Alpha Chi Omega is full of real strong women and I am so blessed to be apart of it all.


Marin Hansen – VP Philanthropy 

Clark High School
San Antonio, Texas

Major: Food Science

Why Alpha Chi?

…because I wouldn’t be where I am today academically. I wouldn’t be as involved on campus as I am today without my sisters. I look forward each year to being a role model for the new members of our chapter by showing them the kindness and love I have received as an Alpha Chi Omega.

Sarah Pennington – VP Intellectual Development 

Harper High School
Fredericksburg, Texas

Major: Agriculture Business

Why Alpha Chi?

I went Alpha Chi because I noticed every girl around me was filled with passion for academics, philanthropy, and each other. Alpha Chi has given me the opportunity to be a leader, a sister, and a real strong woman. I know whatever I do in life, I will always have sisters supporting me and cheering me on. I will always be proud to be an Alpha Chi Omega. 


Laura Beth Earheart – VP New Member Education

Plainview Christian High School
Plainview, Texas

Major: Kinesiology

Why Alpha Chi?

I went Alpha Chi because I felt at home from day one of recruitment. I’m a legacy, but I had an open mind going into it but still, something felt different about Alpha Chi Omega and now, here I am serving on our executive board because I am not here for myself but to give to the girls and the chapter.

Jenna Partington – VP Public Relations and Marketing

Cedar Ridge High School
Austin, Texas

Major: Advertising, Public Relations

Why Alpha Chi?

I would not be who I am today without my sisters. They have helped me through hard times and good times too. They have been the best support system I could ever ask for. My sisters are real strong women who strive to make each other better each day. I met my forever friends through Alpha Chi and know that they will be standing next to me at my wedding. I know they will be there planning my baby showers and be the best aunts to my children. I can’t wait to see what my future holds! I know that wherever I go or whatever I do, my sisters will support me!


Alli Natelli – VP Membership Programming 

Bryon Nelson High School
Trophy Club, Texas

Major: Psychology, Human Resource Development

Why Alpha Chi?

I chose Alpha Chi because this house stood out from the rest and so did the girls within it. Everyone I spoke to was so genuine and down to earth, as well as easy to talk to and connect with. The chapter was very diverse, with everyone having something different yet so special about them. During recruitment, it was clear to me that this chapter was full of strong, kind and outgoing individuals and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Elizabeth Fleishman – VP CRIC

Round Rock High School
Round Rock, Texas

Major: Advertising, Public Relations, Retail Merchandising 

Why Alpha Chi?

When I joined Alpha Chi in Spring of 2016, I never realized how much this sorority would mean to me and the friendships I would make. I had struggled in high school with making friends and with being myself so I was a little nervous when joining a sorority. Alpha Chi made it so easy for me to open up and become the woman I am today! I am best friends with every single one of my six pledge sisters and I am so lucky to have friendships that stay strong and real. I found my bridesmaids! Alpha Chi always stood out to me because of their philanthropy because domestic violence hits home for me and I was hoping I could give back in a hands-on type of way. Not only do you get to bond with your sisters at our philanthropy events, at the end of the day we are giving back so much for such an important cause that gets forgotten at times. Without Alpha Chi, I wouldn’t have the leadership opportunities, educational motivation and long lasting friendships that all mean so much to me. It’ll be hard to leave college solely because I won’t want to let go of Alpha Chi. Until that day comes, I’m enjoying every moment and making the most of it.

Marissa Garza – VP Finance

Cedar Ridge High School
Round Rock, Texas


Why Alpha Chi?


Marleigh Sistrunk – VP Risk Management 

Idalou High School
Idalou, Texas

Major: Nutrition, Pre-Med

Why Alpha Chi?

I chose Alpha Chi because I could tell that their philanthropy meant a lot to them and that they were actually making a difference in the community. I could also tell that the girls truly cared about each other every day throughout recruitment and that they were very genuine girls. 


Madeline Snell – VP Panhellenic Delegate

Kingwood High School
Kingwood, Texas

Major: Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy

Why Alpha Chi?

I️ went Alpha Chi because I️ always knew I️ could be myself at this house. Transferring into the Gamma Rho chapter of Alpha Chi at Texas Tech has been the biggest blessing for me because I️ have met my best friends and know whenever I️ walk through the doors, I️ am home!

Maddie Heinrich – VP Facility Operations 

Allen High School
Allen, Texas

Major: Nutrition, Pre-Nursing

Why Alpha Chi?

I choose Alpha Chi because I clicked so well with all the girls in the chapter during recruitment week as well as girls from my rush group that I went Alpha Chi with. Those girls I met to this day are still my best friends and the best sisters I could have ever asked for. I love how hands on our philanthropy is, you actually see the difference you are making in the community. This was the best decision I ever made!